Snap Work


Other Work

-2022 Group exhibition "Sport and Pastime"
-2021 Archive work “Stilllive: Performance Art Summit Tokyo 2021-2022──Hygiene / Transformation / Conviviality” organized by Yuki Kobayashi  ⇨Link⇦
-2021 Screening "Experimental film culture vol.3 in Japan Pole-Pole Alternative" organized by Hikaru Suzuki  ⇨Link⇦
-2020 Curation of video works “Images and The Setting Sun”   ⇨Link1⇦  ⇨Link2⇦  ⇨Link3⇦
-2020 Arhive work "Dance Creation in Beppu "born somewhere, live somewhere""
-2020 Group exhibition "Edition box -Video Works as Material-"  ⇨Link⇦
-2018&2019 Group exhibition "Decorating the work"
-2018 Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT ‘Dance Residence’ Toyohashi Artist Residence 2018
-2018 Group exhibition "Early Morning Musings"  ⇨Link⇦
-2017 Exhibiton "Pale Blue Actions"
-2016 Group exhibition "iphone mural"
-2016 Group exhibition "the continent, 八木と、" and "OOQO"  ⇨Link1⇦  ⇨Link2⇦